Friday, May 15, 2009


Annie, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Annie asked me to photograph her with her boyfriend's guitars as she bought him a new one for his birthday (this one). Her idea was that she'd print out the photos, one of each of his guitars and he'd open up the photos, thinking the photos were his birthday gift! When he opened up the one with the new ax, she would present it to him from a side closet. I'm happy to say the surprise worked really well.

I was completely impressed with Ann's preparation for this shoot, our first except for a snap or two outside for a Mother's Day card the week before. She had researched online some photos of women and guitars to avoid cliche and get inspired, and we moved from setup to setup fluidly. Her roommate Cam helped enormously except when my cat George visited her, scaring her near to death.

The photos are shot with my Alien Bees 800s, though we're also using a theater light given to me by Sarha a few months ago. In this photo Cam's standing on a chair with it, and the Bees are basically used as fill. Annie's on our futon, and I've blackened the edges to even out the background.

We're planning our next shoot, which has to happen soon because she's graduating and soon she'll exit...forever.

(you'll notice her feet are chopped off in this view...the original on Flickr is the correct one. Seems Blogger's layouts don't allow for a complete photo so they arbitrarily cropped where they saw fit. At least it's not her head!)

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Nicole, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Nicole is a fellow photographer (Flickr: blush-response) and amazingly fun to photograph, which we've done twice now (here's her set on my Flickr stream) with great results. Here we're shooting at a small park on Spokane's south side that gets filled with wildflowers in May but we were a bit too early for that.

This shot was taken at the bottom of a huge rock/outcropping where we went to escape the wind. Whereas it was howling throughout the park, here we were protected by the rock and it was very peaceful there. Nothing special in processing here; nothing needed.