Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Red Couch and a Pretty Girl

Tey, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Tey and I shot at the new Magic Lantern Theater, located inside the Community Building on Main Avenue in downtown Spokane. We'd scouted the location a few days previous, and the red couch in the small lobby of the theater was irresistible. Tey wore a new dress for the occasion, and we took hundreds of shots.

The woman running the concession stand offered suggestions for poses, and the owner of the theater told us about how they came to acquire the couch, and how the daughter of the original owner wanted it back!

Tey looked glamourous and beautiful, so this shoot was easy and fun. I managed to haul one of my new Alien Bees B800 lights down to the shoot, and it's providing the light here.

There are more shots on the couch and in the building in Tey's set, which is here.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


030808, originally uploaded by austinspace.

A new muse! Tey and I have really hit it off, and we've already shot three times in the last month (and might have shot more but I went to Texas and she went to Bali!). This shot is after she'd "dolled up" and we're sitting in a local bakery/coffee shop in the last sliver of sunlight left for the day. It had been somewhat overcast all day but the sun broke out just as the day ended. There are more shots of Tey here.