Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lucy and Brett

Lucy and Brett, originally uploaded by austinspace.

It really is a whole 'nother beast trying to photograph a couple. I met Lucy and Brett at a local coffee shop I've shot at before that I know would provide good light (it was about 25 degrees outside and windy) so we could stay inside and they could be comfortable. This shop has nice red walls and lots of wood paneling accents. I can't speak for their coffee, as I get Pepsi when I'm there!

I used the 580ex flash a lot in these, bouncing it off to the right to get just a bit of illumination. Several of the shots were not so good as one would be nicely lit and the other...not so. Then there's always the focus issues, since I like to be up close when I shoot. More photos are here.

Friday, January 04, 2008


122907, originally uploaded by austinspace.

This is at Manito Park, the beautiful South Hill park in the town I live in. Nicole is a Flickr user as well who I met at a Photoroll a couple of months ago. (a photoroll is a gathering of Flickr photographers at a location for shooting and socializing, a term coined by photographer Ben Delaney) Via email we agreed to meet at snowy Manito Park, and I was delighted to see she'd brought several different dresses to wear--even though it was approximately 27ยบ with a slight breeze while we shot. In this one she's wearing a prom dress, and while she is indeed barefoot--her boots are just off camera--she is standing on her new white scarf, which I slightly Photoshopped to make less distracting. It was a totally enjoyable shoot (more viewable here) because she obviously put some thought into it and had a plan. And though she'd never modeled before, she had a great variety of gestures and poses ready--she claimed she's watched one of those TV reality model shows for inspiration.