Friday, January 04, 2008


122907, originally uploaded by austinspace.

This is at Manito Park, the beautiful South Hill park in the town I live in. Nicole is a Flickr user as well who I met at a Photoroll a couple of months ago. (a photoroll is a gathering of Flickr photographers at a location for shooting and socializing, a term coined by photographer Ben Delaney) Via email we agreed to meet at snowy Manito Park, and I was delighted to see she'd brought several different dresses to wear--even though it was approximately 27ยบ with a slight breeze while we shot. In this one she's wearing a prom dress, and while she is indeed barefoot--her boots are just off camera--she is standing on her new white scarf, which I slightly Photoshopped to make less distracting. It was a totally enjoyable shoot (more viewable here) because she obviously put some thought into it and had a plan. And though she'd never modeled before, she had a great variety of gestures and poses ready--she claimed she's watched one of those TV reality model shows for inspiration.

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