Thursday, December 20, 2007


Amber, originally uploaded by austinspace.

This photo shoot was Amber's idea, and she nearly froze to death. It was about 25° outside when we shot these, so we'd shoot a few in a row and then she'd run back inside to thaw out and warm up. This is at the university's PE complex in an inner courtyard. And yes, people would walk by gawking in the background quite often.

Amber's a runner, so her legs are long and don't have a smidge of fat on 'em.

I'm using no flash. There was a two-light stand nearby that a painter must have left that I plugged in and directed towards her, and that might have helped a bit. I'm shooting at 1600ISO so there's lots of grain. I adjusted this a lot in RAW to get the right exposure and tint.

I gave her crap later for keeping her watch on.

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