Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Nicole, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Nicole came over in April and helped me break in my studio lights. I have two Alien Bees B800s and our room that's converted into my studio has red walls.

Nicole always comes prepared. She had several changes of clothing with her (you can count them if you want by going to her set page on Flickr and starting in row 6.

We had a blast moving the lights around and experimenting with backlighting, side lighting, one light setups and more. I've since incorporated what I quickly learned with other models and it's been a blast to shoot even with our lousy weather so far this spring.

Now that the weather is improving (well, not today, but lately) I'll be shooting outside again much more, which I prefer. Nicole and I plan a shoot downtown soon, when our schedules sync up again.