Friday, July 18, 2008


Lindsi, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Lindsi is a local clothing designer and I've agreed to help her by shooting models wearing her designs. We went out last night to find some ideal locations for our shoot and I told her I'd agree to that IF I could photograph her. I love her very unique look.

This is a car junkyard on Trent Avenue in Spokane, Washington. Its fence, as you can see, is entirely composed of wheel rims. I've shot there before and thought it would be a perfect location for her ideas, and she agreed.

More photos of Lindsi here.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


062508, originally uploaded by austinspace.

This is possibly the best shot from a weekday shoot at Amber Lake, a small lake outside Cheney, Washington. There were two boats on the lake total, and it was sunny and warm (though not warm enough water; Kirsten sports goosebumps in many of the pix). The idea was a "lady of the lake" sort of look, and Kirsten did the best she could to keep her dress spread out around her despite the light current and the various air bubbles that would get underneath the garment.

These are shot with my new Canon 40d, which adds megapixels, better and more ISO settings and a huge LCD screen on the back. Oh, and it's quieter, too.