Thursday, November 03, 2005

no need for rescue

I'm sitting in a dining common area at the university I work at. The guy behind me is trying to impress the blonde he's talking to, telling her since she's half-Italian (he was confused because of the blonde hair, though we saw plenty of blondes in Italy) that his trip to Italy was so great because he and his cohorts "saved" so many while there--non-stop witnessing, I think he said. They "saved" 69 people in Siena, and he was very proud of that.

In Italy.

Italy, the cradle of Catholicism, where 45% of the population attends church frequently (United States: 44%) and 58 million of its citizens profess to being Catholic. He explained to the gullible co-ed that Italy is old, and hasn't heard the word of the lord. I guess this is why he needed to be over there--praise the lord! They haven't figured out religion and god themselves after thousands of years.

Well, now he's saying the trains in Italy are horrible. We didn't have a single problem while we were there. So, I have no idea if this is impressing the girl he's talking to, but he's talking non-stop, so some of it might stick.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, this is that guy you were listening to, and I dn't appreciate you talking about me that way. Fact of the matter is I'm Italian myself. Couldn't you hear my accent? Yeah, so there. I bet you didn't know that one in every three train trips ends with the train falling off a cliff. Yeah, I bet you didn't know that. And people only THINK the vatican is in Italy, when in fact, if you research it enough, it's in FRANCE. Hello!

So, Mr. Know Everything About Italy, maybe you have learned something here, no?

austinspace said...

Yes! I have learned something! I need to turn off the ability to comment on my posts! Thanks, Guido--and hey, nice website you've got there. Stunning, in fact! I appreciate the, really I do.

No, really.

peektar said...
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Todd S. said...

I want to know what peek tar said. Austinspace, you have a blog viewed by the entire world. You need to know that your words have very strong effects not only in your own country but also to those very old and/or backwards countries that have not fully matured yet. Speak softly. The fate of the world depends on it.