Tuesday, November 18, 2008


101608, originally uploaded by austinspace.

As the weather gets colder I find it's harder to motivate myself and a model to go outside and shoot. Thankfully, I have studio lights and a warm little room to shoot in! This shot of Alina is against a black backdrop and I believe she's sitting down. I'm using both of my Alien Bees 800s--one directly in front of her and the other high and to her left pointed down.

Alina's friend Sarha gave me two additional lights that are like mini-novas compared to my Bees, so it will be interesting to incorporate them into shoots. I did use them on this page and they're so bright they leave little shadow to play with. I prefer a little moodier than that, so we'll see how much I end up using them.

I'm pondering a remote battery power pack to haul my lights around on location. That would please Oriana!

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