Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Kaeti, originally uploaded by austinspace.

The endless cold weather and snow has forced more studio shoots, and while fun I'm going a little stir crazy! Fortunately Kaeti was in town on school break. This was shot on my black-covered futon holding the camera above her (and not looking through the viewfinder) with the 10-22mm wide angle lens.

In Photoshop I merely blacked out the non-black areas around her and then darkened her leotard so that it essentially disappeared. So, while it may look like she's dancing, she's merely lying on her side. There are two Alien Bee b800 lights situated at her head and at her feet, too, along with some natural light coming in from our right.

What Kaeti does so well is pose with poetry. She knows how to use her hands and work her body in organic ways that seem natural and unforced. She's a joy to photograph and now I can't wait for her next break from school! More shots of Kaeti are here.

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