Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nicole and Jessica

Nicole and Jessica, originally uploaded by austinspace.

I've really slowed down in the quantity of photoshoots I've done lately. The combination of cold weather, new responsibilities at work and the desire to catch up has resulted in only two or three shoots the last month. This shoot with perennial favorite Jessica and her friend Nicole wass absolutely fun and so many good shots resulted from it that now, two weeks later, I'm still working on them.

This shoot was a day or two after I finally received a replacement for my 17-85mm lens that I took to a shop four months ago (long dull story, but I'm never going to that shop again) and was finally told couldn't be fixed. However this particular shot was done with the 10-22mm wide angle lens, which is why Nicole is so...lengthy in this shot.

The light on this one is interesting. If you look at colors, you'll notice how on the left side of the photo it's orange and yellow, and on the right it's white and blue. The models are laying on a futon and I'm using my two Alien Bees lights on the left, hence the more yellowy cast. On the right just off screen is a window, letting in grey/white/blue late afternoon light.

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