Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Amber, originally uploaded by austinspace.

Amber suggested this shoot. Originally we were going to do it in the summer (and I hope we will this next summer) but never got around to it. It was about 28° and windy when we arrived here, behind the football stadium at school.

All the images in this set (starts here) are 'Shopped to a degree. I opened the images up twice, and put the darker exposure on top of the lighter exposure, then erased Amber's figure to expose the lighter version underneath. In this photo I also erased the dark foreground to expose the lighter version beneath. A little darkening of the top, and I was done. I also cleaned up a couple of water spots on my lens...I really need to clean that thing up!

We have more snow falling right now, and so more snow pix are on the way at my Flickr stream.

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