Friday, January 28, 2005

elvis is king

...the REAL Elvis is coming to town for the first time ever! Elvis Costello is performing here in April, and we got tickets this morning. They went on sale at 10 am and that's about when I was connected with an operator and placed my order. I was stunned to see an ad yesterday that he was coming...never thought it would happen! Mind-blowing. I'm still stunned, hours later.

I saw him perform in Seattle about two and a half years ago for the "When I Was Cruel" tour, and even met him briefly after the show and mentioned how far we'd had to drive to see him--he asked where I was from and when I told him he said "oh yeah, yeah" like he knew the town...which I sorta doubt. And now he's coming here! I'm sure he found his agent after we met and said, "Reg--you gotta get me to play there! THE FANS DEMAND IT!" The only thing that tempers my enthusiasm is the possibility that he won't end up's a long way off. But for am happy.


peektar said...

Did he turn up in the end? I imagine he would have.

austinspace said...

He did! It was a tremendous show, and we stood directly at his feet the whole time. A year later and I'm still high from it. Met him again after the show and took a lousy picture (my flash didn't go off, then the battery died!).