Thursday, January 06, 2005

it's snowing

This has been an uneventful winter in this here inland NW. Little bits of snow off and on, goes away, another little bit, disappears, gets cold, but not too cold, warms up, sun comes out, people on campus wear shorts. Dull.

But right now it's snowing out; lazy, tiny flakes because it's still quite cold out. Will we really get a decent storm? The forecast says 1-3" tonight, which this winter has meant none at all; tomorrow comes another 1-3", which means as much as we get tonight; Friday night says 3-5", which means it will miss us by about thirty miles but the ski resorts will be delighted.

Really, this is ridiculous. It's winter. It's cold and grey, and it's dark when I go to work, and dark when I get done. Can't we get a little dump of snow for me to at least take some photos of? Very disappointing, god.

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