Thursday, January 20, 2005

what a wonderful world

I'm so saddened by the skewed priorities of this country. The renewed Administration spends $40 million to celebrate their narrow victory (what happened to all the "unifying" talk?) today when, by the newest count, 226,000 people have died in Southeast Asia; thousands have lost all they have in the Ohio River Valley and California coast, and our soldiers in Iraq keep getting their unprotected extremities blown off. Couldn't the money spent dropped on music and dancing been spent more wisely? Just think how absolutely thrilled people would be---regardless of their party affiliation--if our President had announced that in lieu of garish parties and excessive celebrating, we were going to donate $40 million more to the Red Cross--or UNICEF--or any organization doing good. Perhaps that would have started the world on the road back to liking us again.

Instead, folks today are without homes, their belongings, even family members--as the cold, callous Administration parties 'til dawn.

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